Is SRE calling you?

“Life is often a desert, it is difficult to walk, but if we trust in God, it can become beautiful and wide as a highway. Never lose hope; continue to believe, always, in spite of everything. Hope opens new horizons, making us capable of dreaming what is not even imaginable.” —Pope Francis

The faith development of children has long been a central ministry within the life of the Catholic parish community. Catechists, in particular Special Religious Educators have supported parents and caregivers as they educate their children in the faith. Faith development of children is vital to the wellbeing of young individuals as well as the community itself.

In New South Wales we are blessed with the privilege of providing Special Religious Education (SRE) to the Catholic students in government schools.

Most government primary schools and many high schools have religious education provided for students. SRE lessons from an approved curriculum are usually 30 minutes once a week in primary schools. These lessons are presented by authorised, trained, and dedicated volunteers from Catholic parishes and other churches.  Families have the choice to send their children to these lessons or an alternative activity.

The SRE ministry exists to promote the Kingdom of God on earth through parishes, into schools and homes, by proclaiming Christ’s Gospel of justice, peace, love and forgiveness.

Special Religious Education is an important ministry within this Diocese which supports parents, students, clergy and parishes in the religious education of approximately 2500 students attending government schools.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has had an impact on this ministry. On March 23 the NSW Department of Education provided advice that all SRE was to pause. As we emerge out of restrictions SRE is now allowed back in schools from the beginning of Term 3. The current concern is many of those involved in the SRE ministry fit into the vulnerable category according to the NSW Health guidelines and the AHPPC guidelines.

We need your help!

Do you have a calling to spread the good news and joy of the Gospels to children in 2020?

Are you able to be there to support the children in the SRE classroom and the Catechists who are unable to return?

Can you assist with Special Religious Education in the short and/or long term?

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