Rite of Election welcomes those becoming Catholics

 “You are here today because something has drawn you. God is working with you and will continue to do so.”

Those are Bishop Bill’s words of encouragement to catechumens and candidates who took part in the recent Rite of Election.

Eight catechumens and nine candidates were presented to Bishop Bill as a sign of their decision to become Catholics at Easter this year.

Catechumens are adults that have chosen to be baptised into the Catholic faith. This year, eight catechumens signed their name in the Book of the Elect after meeting Bishop Bill.  Their godparents were asked if they have faithfully listened to God’s word, begun to walk in God’s presence and joined their Christian brothers and sisters in prayer.

“The celebration of the rite of election, which usually coincides with the opening of Lent, marks the beginning of the period of final, more intense preparation for the sacraments of initiation, during which the elect will be encouraged to follow Christ with greater generosity.” The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (#105) says.

Candidates are those who have been baptised in another Christian church, and are seeking to become Catholic though Communion and Confirmation.

The candidates stood during the liturgy and were asked “Are you resolved to develop your baptismal commitment to know and serve Christ? Are you prepared to join this tradition in its life of prayer, or worship and of mission?” All answered “we are”, and the prayer “May the Lord who has commenced this good work in you bring it to joyful completion” was prayed by Bishop Bill.

Each catechumen and candidate has been preparing through weekly meetings in their parish, learning about the Catholic faith, and growing in friendship with their sponsors and other parishioners.  It is a time of excitement and joy for all those preparing.

Aimee Shepherd is one of the elect, and she shares her experience in the April edition of Aurora.

Look out for her article on 7 April.



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