Living the Change

Living the Change is a multi-faith global movement which draws upon spiritual traditions to inspire lifestyle choices which, when these choices are made collectively, will help slow global warming and allow our world to flourish.

Living the Change documentary

The Living the Change documentary explores the global crisis and aims to inspire all individuals to make positive changes as we all have the power to help make the world a more environmentally friendly place.

Climate change is not only an environmental and economic problem, it is also profoundly a moral and spiritual one.

While celebrating the uniqueness of different traditions, people of all faiths can work together to be at the forefront of creating a safer climate and a more ecologically and socially sustainable future.

There are many exciting ideas and initiatives currently in place within the community and these are creating so much hope and inspiration. We wish to generate discussions as wide and deep as possible about how each of us views the future and our role within it.

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change’s (ARRCC) vision is to “envisage our nation embracing a sustainable future, one which is based on a more ethical understanding of human prosperity and the flourishing of all.”

The ARRCC’s mission is to “promote ethical, environmentally sustainable, healthy and contented lifestyles which respect the Earth’s precious natural resources.”

As part of the Living the Change campaign, you are invited to attend an afternoon filled with a free documentary viewing, workshop and worship. This joyous event will take place from 2.30pm on Sunday 14th October 2018 at Adamstown Uniting Church, located at 228 Brunker Rd Adamstown, 2289.

For more information about this event, please contact Lawrie on 0419 447 217.

For more information on the Living the Change campaign, please visit the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) website.  

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