Be part of Young Christian Students

You are invited to be part of bringing Young Christian Students (YCS) back to the Diocese!

The Diocesan Council for Ministry with Young People (DCMYP) are running evening information sessions on Monday (26 November) and Tuesday (27 November) for adults interested in being involved as Adult Assistants.

Young Christian Students is a movement that is run for, by and with secondary school students. YCS aims to empower students to take action in their own lives, in order to change the world around them in the light of their faith and beliefs.

YCS functions at local, diocesan, national and international levels, of which the most important is the local level; with groups that exist within schools, parishes, and communities. It involves students as local group members and key leaders.

To form committed Christian leaders, it is important that young people are not only capable of acting out their faith but also developing valuable leadership and organisational skills. 

In the local group situation this means that the leaders of the group are students and the adults involved are there to support and empower students, rather than to run the group or the movement. Therefore, adults in YCS are known as Adult Assistants.

The DCMYP are now ready to explore the possibility of setting up YCS in the Diocese which requires adults to come on board.

Some of you may have been involved in YCS or YCW when you were younger and so we are keen to invite the past Alumni of the Young Christian Student and Young Christian Workers Movement, as well as any adult who feels the call to contribute to the introduction to our Diocese of the YCS movement.

Those who are interested are invited to put in an Expression of Interest (EOI) and to come along to an Information Session.

What does an Adult Assistant do?

The role of the Adult Assistant is to help the students develop their skills to lead the group in:

See - Judge - Act (Awareness - Reflection - Action)

This is the YCS Spirituality and it is a Way of Life. The three steps are simple, yet, complex and have deep meaning.

To to See as Jesus Saw: This means "Seeing" with our eyes, hearts, and minds. To see reality objectively and deeply. Not only issues, but their causes and consequences on the life of people, especially students.

To to Judge as Jesus Judged: We do not aspire to Judge others, but rather, allow our Faith to Judge our options, values and attitudes. We Judge whether the reality we encountered is God's will and if not, we reflect on what should be the ideal situation. 

To to Act as Jesus Acted: As an active apostolate and movement, we respond to the reality, at a personal level, as well as with our community

Information Nights

You are invited to attend either of two information nights, which will be a lively, informative experience.  We are looking for people interested in becoming Adult Assistants members for the Adult Support Team or a Chaplain.

Monday 26 November, 7.00pm to 8.30pm, Toohey Room

841 Hunter Street, Newcastle West


Tuesday 27 November, 7.00pm to 8.30pm, Dwyer Room

841 Hunter Street, Newcastle West


Please complete the one-page Expression of Interest form  or email it to:


Alyson Segrott

841 Hunter St Newcastle West 2302


For further enquiries contact:

Ellen Hazelton

Diocesan Adult Assistant

0407513813 or



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