Liturgy Matters: A mystogogical reflection

This week deacon Kevin Gadd engages in a mystagogical reflection on his experience of being ordained a deacon in April.

In an earlier Liturgy Matters I reflected on the importance of mystagogy in helping us on our journey into becoming more and more Christ like.  On April 28, Kevin Gadd was ordained a Deacon for the Church of Maitland-Newcastle.  What follows is Kevin’s reflection on the experience of being ordained.  It is a very personal reflection and his openness to sharing it provides us with an opportunity to grow in our appreciation of the ministry of the Deacon and to support Kevin and all those who minister as Deacons with our prayer.  Over to Kevin … 

As I processed down the aisle there was a sense of awe as I saw and felt the joy, expectancy and love of the community gathered to witness and celebrate a work of God in our midst: the ordination of a deacon. 

There was a sense in the assembly – people, clergy, bishop – of the one intent, felt and recognised:  the confirming of a call to a self-giving ministry, an entering into a specific out pouring of the Holy Spirit for the whole community. 

A humbling feeling, a freeing feeling, a feeling of deep peace embraces me.  I lie down before the bishop, altar, people, and feel the enthusiasm of interceding with the saints for the grace to live the will of the Father as Jesus invites me to do.  I stand surprised at the energy and thrill that through the simplicity of the rite I am called into a different relationship with my Jesus and His Church, the bride of Christ. 

The laying on of hands by the bishop summons the memory and identity of the divine reaching through our humanity and I am silenced, silenced in my mind, my heart, my body.  How can one function when awe, and beauty, excitement and thanksgiving in a community of love, satiate your heart? 

Thank God for the Master of Ceremonies!  As I muddle my way along the feeling of at home-ness guides me to allow Jesus and the Spirit to do their thing through a humbled but empowered lover. 

Deacon Kevin Gadd

Ordained for the Church of Maitland-Newcastle.

Ministering in the parish of Wallsend Shortland

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