Singleton explores sustainable practices

Recently, the Learning Lions of St Nicholas Early Education, Singleton, have been exploring more sustainable practices in our room.

Instead of throwing out dried up "textas", we experimented with placing them upside down in a jar of water, which resulted in making beautiful watercolour paints. Testing them on a scrap piece of calico, we were amazing at how vibrant they were. This then sparked the idea to make a collaborative quilt.

The children were all given a permanent black marker and were asked to draw their favourite thing on a small calico square, before painting over their image with the watercolour paints. We were amazed at how detailed their drawings were! Once all the individual artworks were complete, one of our talented parents, Elissa, sewed the quilt together using recycled materials and ribbons.

We are so proud of this beautiful quilt showcasing each child’s artwork. Displayed in the hallway in Singleton, it will be a wonderful reminder of the 2017 Learning Lions for years to come.

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Leanne Boughton Image
Leanne Boughton

Leanne Boughton is the Director at St Nicholas Early Education Singleton Centre