Singleton St Nick's opens "Street Library"

As an extension from the Learning Lions recent "Kindness Book Fair", we have created a ‘street/community library’. The aim of the library is to encourage a love of reading among the children at St Nicholas, as well as promote community spirit through the kindness and generosity of families sharing books with each other.

This library has been permanently placed at the front of our Singleton centre. Here, families and community members are welcome to use the library to borrow or take a book which interests them, and return or replace it with another book for other families to read when finished.

A visitor’s logbook can also be found under the library for families to tell us they visited, say thank you, recommend books or record the books they leave. We have had some wonderful feedback already from our families....

"Great Idea! What a fabulous way to teach and show our kids generosity." (Mel)

"This is a wonderful idea of kindness as well as incorporating the learning of reading." (Marlene)

"I love this kindness project and so do Charlotte and Emily. We'll be regular visitors!" (Cheryl)

We would love to see all our families use this library. Happy reading and sharing!

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Leanne Boughton Image
Leanne Boughton

Leanne Boughton is the Director at St Nicholas Early Education Singleton Centre