Exceedingly good result for St Nicholas Early Education!

St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West has recently undertaken its first quality Assessment and Rating review by the Department of Education.

This assessment process rates our service’s practices against the National Quality Standards and includes ratings over seven service areas.
These are
1. Education program and practice
2. Children’s health and safety
3. Physical environment
4. Staffing arrangements
5. Relationships with children
6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
7. Leadership and service management.

I was informed on Friday afternoon that our Assessment and Rating has been finalised with an EXCEEDING rating!

For a first service review this is an exceptional outcome.

Our assessor reported,
“Your service is commended on its achievements in providing quality outcomes for children; in particular, an educational program that responds to children’s interests and scaffolds their learning, as well as staffing arrangements that enhance children’s learning and wellbeing, demonstrating the commitment to quality by educators at your service.”

Congratulations to the team at Newcastle West, your hard work and professional focus are appreciated and recognised by all!

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Kerri Armstrong Image
Kerri Armstrong

Kerri Armstrong is Operations Manager for St Nicholas Early Education.