St Nicholas Newcastle West offers unique programs for children aged two and three

St Nicholas Newcastle West’s unique program for two-year-olds offers a class of only 10 children cared for by a qualified early childhood teacher. 

The program also has its own landscaper-designed outdoor play space where children can learn about the environment, growing herbs and caring for a garden. Children will be engaged in many areas of learning, developing their emerging independence and autonomy. Two-year-olds participate in activities including painting, play dough, story time, singing, dancing, bike-riding and play as they learn together with their peers in a safe and dedicated environment.

The program for three-year-olds is also facilitated by a qualified early childhood teacher and has a class size of 10 children, allowing educators to spend more time with each individual child. The three-year-olds share the outdoor play space with the four and five-year-olds, fostering independence and confidence.

St Nicholas Newcastle West programs for two and three year-olds are based on the Early Years Learning Framework and are designed for children to belong, be and become. The children will develop a sense of identity, connect and contribute to their world, have a strong sense of wellbeing, be confident and involved learners and will become effective communicators. St Nicholas’ programs are designed with early childhood teachers in partnership with parents and families, to foster curiosity, independence, friendships and a sense of security.

St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West is opening soon and has vacancies for 2-5 year olds. Skip the waitlist and enrol your child today!

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Toni Warburton Image
Toni Warburton

Toni Warburton is the Director of St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West.