Give your child the best start

Commencing school is a milestone in your child’s life. St Nicholas Early Education’s school readiness program makes the transition to kindergarten as smooth as possible.

At St Nicholas Newcastle West, the curriculum for children aged 4-5 years includes

  • Developing independence in dressing, toileting and eating
  • Developing social skills and friendships
  • Learning how to look after their belongings
  • Recognising and writing their name
  • Following directions
  • Fostering the child’s individual stage of development.

The play-based curriculum provides a stimulating and challenging environment that encourages curiosity and creativity, building confidence along the way. 

All programs offered at St Nicholas Early Education are based on the individual developmental level of each child, and provide activities in line with each child’s needs and interests. We also value input from families, as parents know their child/ren best.

St Nicholas Early Education Newcastle West is opening soon and has vacancies for 2-5 year olds. Skip the waitlist and enrol your child today!

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Kerri Armstrong Image
Kerri Armstrong

Kerri Armstrong is Operations Manager for St Nicholas Early Education.