Labor willing to work with the Federal Government on a religious freedom act

A religious freedom bill may be passed sooner rather than later after the federal opposition indicated it was prepared to work collaboratively with the Government to enact legislation.

According to SBS, Labor Senator Kristina Keneally has confirmed the opposition is ready and willing to work with the government on new religious discrimination laws.

"We are willing to have discussions with the government and work with the government on a religious discrimination and freedom act," Senator Keneally said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison intends to make it unlawful to discriminate against people based on their religious beliefs.

He is proposing to amend existing marriage, charities and anti-discrimination legislation to achieve this end. A religious discrimination commissioner would also be appointed at the Australian Human Rights Commission.

 "We are waiting to have those conversations. We do stand ready, though, to work with the government on this," Senator Keneally said.

The new Religious Discrimination Act could be brought before parliament as early as 22 July. The Prime Minister has told coalition colleagues he wants to work "carefully" through the issue and consult Labor on the changes.

"What the government are talking about is an issue that goes to protecting religion in an affirmative way as a freedom," Senator Keneally said. "That's a conversation we are having with them.""

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