The Australian Response to Climate Change

The Australian Response to Climate Change, or ARRCC, works dilligently to proactively respond to the global emergency that climate change poses.

The ARRCC is a multi-faith initiative aimed at mobilising people of faith, throughout Australia, to take action when it comes to lessening human impact on our planet.

"We recognise that climate change is not only a scientific, environmental, economic and politcal issue - it is also profoundly spiritual one: the Earth's ecosystems are intrinsically precious and beautiful and deserve preservation," the ARRCC says on their website.

The ARRCC is asking for your assistance in realising their vision for the future of Australia. They are currently raising fund via crowdfunding in order to employ part-time passionate and skilled people who will be able to coordinate the multitude of volunteers willing to lend their voice and their hands to the mission of protecting our planet.

Donations can be made here.

"Protecting the planet from catastrophic climate change is an urgent task for all of us," the ARRCC says. "The next ten years is critically important, so please be generous.

The ARRCC has currently raised just over $5,000 toward their goal. If you can help, please do so on their Chuffed page.

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