Keeping in touch

October is traditionally Mental Health Month across Australia, and despite Covid restrictions, the All Saints’ College community were keen to recognise again it last year.

As such, we decided to provide important information to staff and students around good mental health and the skills we can use to maintain it.

Last year was challenging and we all learnt a lot about ourselves and others. Mental Health Month is a good time to pause, and examine our own personal health and decision making in key wellbeing areas.

The theme for October was that small changes can lead to bigger impacts on improving our mental health. Seven fact sheets were provided through staff and student notices on the following tips, showing that minor changes in these areas can have a significant effect:

  • sleep
  • morning routine
  • physical movement
  • food and eating
  • mental state
  • emotional state

I would like to acknowledge “accidental counsellor” Rocky Biasi for contributing towards these important tips.

In addition, an out-of-uniform “Resilience Day” was organised for November 6 across the college. The purpose was to celebrate our accomplishment of meeting the challenges of 2020, highlighting the resilience to bounce back, and push forward through difficult times. It is not easy to measure the impact that COVID-19 has had on our students and their families, but we do know that All Saints’ College has been driven to support our community as best it can.

On Resilience Day, students and staff were encouraged to wear bright colours in a celebratory way. Students in each tutor group who supported the day wholeheartedly were treated to a small token of appreciation at our Café Sabina. An extended lunch was provided to allow a staff v students touch football round robin to be played.

At St Mary’s Campus, Dominic Cluster defeated Siena Cluster, and then the Staff team defeated Siena Cluster, setting up a Dominic v Staff team final. With only one reserve, Staff’s resilience was tested to the limits, especially after going down 2-0 early. However, in theme for the day, Staff fought back to secure a 2-2 draw, meaning Dominic Cluster and the Staff team shared the spoils of the day. At St Peter’s Campus the Staff team dominated the touch football event, defeating the Students 4-2.

The English department at St Mary’s certainly jumped aboard our bright-coloured theme with Dr Kylie Harris and Jordan Lane leading the way and as such claiming the prize of Best Dressed staff members.

Mental health issues in the general population are on the rise and have been for some time now. Events of 2020 heightened the issue further, with drought, bushfires and COVID-19 affecting so many lives. At All Saints’ College we took the opportunity of October Mental Health Month to do something small, yet tangible, to demonstrate to our community that we do care, and we are here to support you.

We have a committed team of staff in teaching, wellbeing, learning support, careers, counselling, and pastoral care that offer a range of supports to our students to assist them in maintaining positive mental health.

Students and parents/carers are always encouraged to contact our wellbeing staff when support is needed.

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