Hitching a ride back to wellness

With the upheaval during the pandemic of society and school life as we knew it, the focus was very much on looking after the wellbeing of our students and families who had had to transition very quickly to home learning.

But so too, did our teachers and support staff in schools. The model of education changed virtually overnight and staff had to adapt to new ways of delivering a new way of learning, as well as supervise children still attending school. For them, it was a very challenging and stressful time, but also one of great learning, opportunity and growth.

To help teachers and staff look after themselves and have a little fun, St Aloysius Catholic Primary School, Chisholm held a special Wellbeing Week following the resumption of fulltime school.

Staff dressed up according to different themes throughout the week. Tuesday was Hawaiian or Loud Shirt Day; Wednesday was Pink Day; Thursday was PJs, and Friday was Footy Colours Day for both students and staff.

There were also special activities held each afternoon during the week – Tuesday trivia, Wednesday colouring-in and pink mocktails, Thursday was go-home-early day and on Friday we had a barbecue breakfast.

The school’s new table tennis tables were also put to good use.

The week was filled with laughter, fun and some time out to both socialise and relax.

It was the perfect recipe for staff to come out of lockdown and back to wellness.

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