Good news from Dungog bridges communication gap

As COVID continues to play havoc with most things we do and parents are being asked to stop at the front gate, students from St Joseph’s Primary School, Dungog have initiated an “olde worlde” solution to bridge the communication gap between classroom activities and parental involvement.

Year 5 student, Georgina U’Brien approached staff with the idea of starting a school newspaper. The idea took off and very soon we published our first edition of the St Joseph’s News.

Content is gathered from the happenings in each classroom with our four school leaders taking on the roles of editors. Students decide on the material to be photographed and the out-of-classroom focus we share with our families.

St Joseph’s News will be produced each week and the school captains will spend a little time after lunch in classrooms gathering what the class wants to highlight. They will then compile the class news and add photos to show parents what students are doing. This will leave the front page and back page to have input from specialty teachers and to showcase whole school happenings.

The newspaper is being distributed as a paper copy and extras are also available on Compass to download. Students will also take the "news" home on Friday afternoon to share with their families.

Hopefully it will help make our families feel a little more connected to what is happening at school while we are forced to keep them at the front gate.

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