Brighten your day

Students from across our Diocese have contributed to a new shared creative space, the Maitland-Newcastle Virtual Art Gallery.

This gallery, developed with the assistance of Marc Hattam (Education Officer, Digital Innovation and Learning) is a showcase for the artistic talent of our students. They were encouraged to reflect on the people who mean the most to them and the experiences that have shaped their lives.

Many students responded to the opportunities provided in the visual arts project resources that were shared on the Continuity of Learning site.

Through their art, students shared their thoughts and feelings through a variety of techniques and styles, with many of the works reflecting the beauty and fragility of the natural world.

Many thanks to the school staff who encouraged the students and provided them with this opportunity.

Please take the time to explore the Virtual Art Gallery. It is a rich, creative outlet for our students and provides an insight into their lives, and perhaps encourages us to reflect on ours.

Hopefully, it will brighten your day.

To access the gallery, click here.


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