All in the timing for creative students

It has been a challenging year for the creative arts industry amidst a global pandemic but that did not stop some incredibly determined students from San Clemente High School, Mayfield presenting their annual Drama Night.

Last week, Year 9 and 10 elective Drama students from San Clemente achieved what many had understandably forsaken. With theatre companies slowly opening again under easing COVID-19 restrictions, the timing of the school’s annual production was aptly booked in a year ago.

Entertainment aside, these students brought to the stage a willingness to prepare for something that might not see fruition. They had been preparing for months, including Zoom and self-taped auditions, not knowing how, or even if their hard work would ever see the stage.

But see the stage it did. The students presented David Ives’s All in the Timing with flair, gusto, talent, and a professional attitude. They were pushed for time (pun intended) but rose to the challenge. They exhibited all the joy that comes from letting their God-given talents be bravely shown to the world at a sold-out (albeit a restricted seating capacity) Civic Playhouse.

The audience was whisked away to a unique state of being called a “Muswellbrook”, chimpanzees frantically trying to recreate Hamlet, a never-ending date, Philip Glass desperately trying to take home a loaf of bread, a classroom where humanity would be united through a new language (starring Principal Burgess as an interested student) and finally, Trotsky reliving his own death on repeat.

Congratulations to all involved – your resilience and positivity is a blessing to all.  

To find out more about San Clemente, Mayfield or to enrol your child, please click here. 

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