Leader production rolls on

This was the big question Year 6 students from St Francis Xavier’s Primary School, Belmont contemplated as part of their peer support leader training recently.

Our Year 6 students have run the peer support program for the past 15 years. It has a school-wide approach where small, mixed groups of K-6 students get together once a week to discuss ideas, complete activities and form connections around important values and concepts such as resilience, optimism and harmony. 

As part of their training, Year 6 completed challenges and task requiring teamwork, collaboration and communication, which helped them realise the importance of these aspects in not only leading a group but in working successfully within a group. From building the tallest shoe tower to navigating crossing a river” and completing a simple ball-tossing sequence, Year 6 practised being assertive, flexible and accepting of the opinions of others. 

We discussed and role-played effective communication techniques such as making eye contact, nodding when people talk to us, responding to stories and information, and extending a conversation with questions and related anecdotes. We  looked at ways to create a positive welcoming environment and how to best manage behaviours in our group. 

Our Year 6 students also spent some time reflecting on themselves, their strengths and qualities, to determine the wonderful attributes they would bring to their group. We also reflected upon areas that we need to improve on or work at to be the most effective leader possible. 

It was a great day and we will confidently continue our rich history of producing great leaders. 

To find out more about St Francis Xavier's, Belmont or to enrol your child, please click here. 

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