Art at home

At St Bede’s Catholic College, Chisholm, Mrs Amber Pyne has joined me in adapting lesson activities to suit remote learning.

Art students will produca portfolio of work over the course of Term 2. The first artworks students completed were recontextualised installations and photographs. And they turned out very well. 

Can you tell what famous artworks they appropriated? 

Year 9 postmodern appropriated photography 

Students were asked to reconstruct famous artworks at home using whatever was on hand, and they did not disappoint. We are so proud of their creativity and look forward to our Showcase exhibition later in the year to display these beauties. 



Year 8 recontextualising famous artworks  

The famous artworks were recontextualised with … food. We are excited at how willing the students are to have a go and get their hands dirty with new materials. Another Showcase exhibition preview that will occur later in the year. 




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