KINDY STARTERS 2020: Stockton

Kindergarten 2020 began without a hitch at St Peter’s Primary School, Stockton on Monday.

The new students looked resplendent in their uniforms although I’m sure some had been worn-in on many a test day. They eagerly greeted their Year 6 buddies and, with much anticipation, entered the classroom for the start of their school careers.

Transition visits and the “buddy” system meant that school was certainly familiar and non-threatening, so parting from mums, dads, grandparents and carers was smooth and dry-eyed.

Kindergarten students at St Peter’s have even undergone their first assessment already as Best Start testing was completed in individual sessions last week.

We at St Peter’s are looking forward to a fabulous 2020 school year with all the fun, learning and exciting activities that each school day brings.

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