St Catherine’s buddying letter writers

Year 3 students from St Catherine’s Catholic College, Singleton embarked on a letter-writing journey last term as part of the Australia Post Pen Pal Club initiative.

Pen pal letter writing is a fun, creative and rewarding way for students to practise literacy and communication. Australia Post helps schools connect with other classrooms across the country to write letters to likeminded peers.

“Australia Post matches your school with another in Australia and we were lucky enough to buddy- up with another Year 3 class at Wiley Park Public School in Sydney,” said St Catherine’s Primary Coordinator, Helen Feeney.

“We have received our first letter back from Wiley Park and have written to them again this term. The students are very excited and enjoyed reading their letters.

“The first letter is an introduction where students write about things they like or about their family or school. They can then choose topics to talk about things that are happening in their school or at home.

“My students drew pictures and sent messages of goodwill. The book Pen Pal Club helps with ideas as does the website, which has templates for everything. 

St Catherine’s implemented this program in the key learning areas of English and Geography, with the topics “Procedure and formal letter writing” and “Geography places are similar/different”. It also allows students to “travel” around Australia reading books and collecting a stamp for each book read to add to their Passport. 

“It is so important to widen students’ perspectives on other people in Australia that may have English as a second language, may have different spellings of names, be of different faith, different cultures and backgrounds, but are living in Australia,” Ms Feeney said.

“Diversity from one area of NSW to another. We can learn so much from each other.”

If your school is interested in joining the Pen Pal Club, click here.

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Gabrielle Sutherland

Gabrielle Sutherland is a Marketing & Communications Officer for the Catholic Schools Office and a regular contributor to and Aurora.