Joanne Crellin receives Emmaus Award for School Support

Joanne Crellin, the Learning Support Assistant at St Joseph’s Primary School, Taree has proven to be a rock in the school community providing constant and selfless service to her colleagues and the students of the school, receiving the Emmaus Award for School Support.

Jo has been described by the staff as incredibly efficient in her role and is constantly looking for ways to impact on student outcomes. She takes time to get to know the students she works with and develops meaningful and valued relationships with every student.

She works tirelessly to meet each of their individual needs. Each student that has had the opportunity to be in Jo’s care has had their life impacted in such a positive way.

The students know that there are no challenges they cannot overcome because of the approach she takes with her students. She has high expectations and these students love to reach them.

Jo is clever, creative and thoughtful, nothing is too much trouble for her and she is always looking for just the right strategies for each individual student.

She spends every spare moment exploring programs and strategies, in order to open a world of possibilities to her students, and staff at St Joseph’s feel that they have been very blessed to have Jo in their lives and classrooms.

“Jo works closely with class teachers in offering support for students who need extra help and is always diligent in researching for resources that assist all students in their learning,” said Mark Mowbray, Principal at St Joseph’s.

“Jo has taught at St Joseph’s for a long time and her commitment to students, teachers and families is truly amazing.

“Jo goes about her work quietly and diligently each day and she is highly respected within our school community.”

Congratulations Joanne Crellin.

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