Illuminating student learning at St Bede’s Chisholm

Every year, St Bede’s Catholic College, Chisholm holds a student showcase that highlights the learning and gifts of the student community.

Now in its second year, this year’s showcase theme was Illuminate.

To illuminate an object means to shine light on it, to make it brighter and more visible. This showcase is an opportunity for our students to shine a spotlight on their gifts and in doing so, strengthen their sense of confidence and enhance the school community.

Students and staff organised displays, exhibitions, performances and tutorials that exemplified student work from each Key Learning Area (KLA) at St Bede’s.

To exemplify the day-to-day activities at St Bede’s, students focused their displays around the college’s four pillars of Courage, Knowledge, Community and Faith.

These four pillars are the centre of the college’s Learning and Wellbeing Framework, which are embedded into each KLA curriculum.

The night featured a visual arts exhibition in the foyer consisting of over 250 artworks, live musical performances throughout the Benedict building including the first performance of St Bede’s DioSounds item for 2019 and live poetry performances from Year 8 students.

Visitors also witnessed a Chinese painting being created before their eyes, experienced and discovered the importance of student wellbeing in the college’s Wellbeing Hub and tasted delicious food made and served by Food Technology students.

The Illuminate Student Showcase was nothing short of spectacular, with each student displaying their commitment to learning and sharing their personal journey so far at St Bede’s Catholic College, Chisholm.

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