Cricket craze at St Michael’s Nelson Bay

Students from Kindergarten to Year 2 from St Michael's Primary School, Nelson Bay have been sharpening their hand-eye coordination skills as part of the Cricket Australia Mascot Challenge.

The challenge is a free four-week program that aims to help develop students’ fundamental motor skills and lay the foundations to help them lead a happy, healthy and active life.

Each week, students focus on developing a new skill such as catching, throwing or bouncing. Students are given four activities each week, with each activity progressing in difficulty, and they spend ten minutes each day practicing these activities to help master the skill.

As well as learning these new skills, students also gain knowledge on how to work in groups, what it means to be a member of a team and, most of all, how fun cricket is!

As part of the program, the students had a fun visit from the Sydney 6’ers Mascot, as well as two coaches from the program, Paige Mathewson and Tayla Braithwaite.

Paige and Tayla talked with students about cricket and the skills they had learnt so far before getting students to demonstrate their newfound skills and practice them further.

Showing off their cricket skills while being cheered on by the coaches and high fived by the Sydney 6’ers Mascot, certainly proved to be a highlight of the challenge for students.

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