Building the future at All Saints’ College Maitland

Year 8 students from All Saints’ College, St Peter’s Campus, Maitland came out as top point scorers during a recent Build ME a Future Day at the University of Newcastle (UoN).

Build ME a Future Day aims to get Year 7 and 8 students engaged and interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with fun, hands-on challenges.

The days run over the course of a week, with eight different schools competing each day. The challenges are given to students in groups of four, with time limits on their planning/construction and problem-solving. Students then swap over halfway through the day to attempt a second challenge.

With 31 students from All Saints’ College attending the day, they where challenged to build a moon buggy, a bridge, a chair and a tower – all of which had limited materials and underwent particular tests of strength and endurance.

Other challenges were focused on problem-solving where they worked on stringboards, light boards and power connection problems.

As well as competing, the students were the given chance to explore the University campus and learn from industry and UoN personnel about the possible STEM career paths available, helping to bridge the gap between school and University.

The student’s strong efforts saw All Saints’ College crowned as the top point scorers for the day.

“We were so impressed and proud of the students’ teamwork, persistence and, at times, humour throughout the day,” said Alanna Bohatko, Teacher at All Saints’ College.

“The students got in and gave it their best, realising how sometimes it takes failing – often many times – to learn and improve.

“They supported each other despite not being in their friendship groups and really came together at the end to support and make the school proud.”

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