Rosary Park reading initiative

Year 4 students from Rosary Park Catholic School, Branxton have teamed up with Branxton Preschool for a Book Buddy program.

As part of the initiative, every second Wednesday the Year 4 students wander down to Branxton Preschool for a visit during the morning. This began in Week 2 and was a huge success with both our Year 4 students and the preschool students enjoying the experience.  

The visits are set up in a comfortable and relaxed setting, with each Year 4 student selecting a book to read. The little ones are invited to sit, read and look through various books/readers and build on their understanding and knowledge of pre-reading while making connections with the wider community.

Once the students finish reading, the preschool children take their book buddy around the preschool environment to play and engage in fun activities. It is beautiful to watch how kind, caring and supportive the Year 4 students are with their buddies.  

The program aims to: 

  • promote literacy within our early childhood curriculum at Branxton Preschool
  • identify ways we can connect with our local schools/preschool and build on those connections
  • bridge the gap for children who will be attending Kindy in 2020
  • promote a respect and love of books and reading with all children.

Year 4 look forward to visiting their buddies each week.  

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