Crazy Hair and Mission Day at Corpus Christi Waratah

As a fun way to end a wonderful term of learning, Corpus Christi Primary School, Waratah held its annual Mission Day on the last day of Term 3.

After a visit from Richard Cootes, School Liaison Officer for Catholic Mission in Week 7, students were tasked with creating stalls and games to run during the Mission Day to help raise money for Catholic Mission.

The school took the opportunity to combine the day with a Raid Youa Dad’s Wardrobe event, where students were asked to bring in clothes to be collected and donated to Mission To Seafarers.

After a busy three weeks of preparation, the stalls on the day included popcorn, ice cream, lollies and cakes and cordial and hot chocolates to quench the thirst.

Activities included the haunted hub, sponge throwing, a soccer challenge, ninja course, water pong and blind gummy bear tasting.

The Corpus Christi community ended up raising $944 for Catholic Mission and donated 20 bags of clothes to the Mission To Seafarers.

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