Rosary Park students strengthen their wellbeing skills

During last term, Year 4 students from Rosary Park Catholic School, Branxton focused on building their social and emotional wellbeing as part of their HSIE unit.

The girls participated in a 10 week program, Girlwise focusing on building positive friendships, resilience and self-esteem. Boys engaged in an activity to focus on teamwork and channelling physical energy by designing and constructing a sand pit for all students in our school to use.

Three mentors from our local Men’s Shed volunteered every Wednesday afternoon to assist and teach the boys skills to complete the project. Once the building was done, the whole class spent a fun afternoon filling the sand pit and planting succulents around the mini gardens surrounding the sand pit.

Year 4 students will continue to maintain and beautify the mini gardens this term in conjunction with their HSIE/Geography unit, focusing on the Earth and its environment.

Thank you to all families who have donated succulents and potting mix for our mini gardens, we couldn’t have done it without our amazing community!

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