100 Days Brighter

Kindergarten students across the Diocese celebrated an important milestone in their educational journey, completing their first 100 days of school.

At Holy Name Primary School, Forster staff seemed to magically transform into their 100-year-old selves as they came to school with grey hair, walking sticks and an abundance of pearls.

Based around the number 100, students spent the day participating in a number of activities, making 100 paper chains, writing 100 words, making a tower using 100 cups, doing 100 different fitness moves, dot painting and counting different objects to add to the wall titled, ‘What does 100 look like?’.

The highlight for most of the Kindergarten students was being able to decorate one of the 100 cupcakes with their Year 6 buddies. Our Mini Vinnies team very kindly set up and catered a lovely morning tea that meant the Kinder parents could share in the celebration with their children.

Since the beginning of the year, Kindergarten students at St Peter’s Primary School, Stockton have been counting down until their 100th day, and boy did they celebrate.

The morning was spent with their Year 6 buddies on a scavenger hunt for 100 things and completing booklets all based on the number 100.

The class then moved onto some Mathematics challenges such as cup stacking, building with 100 pieces of Lego, making a pattern with 100 shapes and the fitness challenge were among the favourites.

The celebrations concluded with a party, where friends and family came along to celebrate.

The students have engaged in many different learning experiences since the beginning of their journey through Kindergarten, including excursions to the beach for exploration play, participating in an athletics carnival, heading down to the Ballast Ground for sport time, participating in a whole school dance and singing performance of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, as well as working very hard on learning about reading, writing and Mathematics.

Their teacher is amazed every day by the energy and enthusiasm that the students bring to school with them.

Over at Holy Spirit Infants School, Abermain it wasn’t the staff who seemed to magically transform into their future 100 year old selves, but the students!

Reaching 100 days of learning in Kindergarten is a big milestone in the life of our early learners and their 100th day was one of fun and joy centred around learning activities based on the number 100.

It is also not every day you see Kindergarten students looking older than their parents!

You look forward to the next 100 of course!

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