Teachers attend Drug & Alcohol Presentation Day

Secondary school teachers from around the Diocese recently attended a Drug and Alcohol Presentation Day hosted by the Catholic Schools Office.

The day was presented by Paul Dillion, one of Australia’s leading presenters on the topic as well as an author, education consultant, social commentator and the founder of Drug & Alcohol Research & Training Australia (DARTA).

The presentation covered up-to-date drug and alcohol education information and strategies which targeted not only at the new PDHPE (Personal Development, Health and Physical Education) syllabus but also at a whole school pastoral care approach to the area.

Providing resources to help impact on student learning and behaviours, Paul also highlighted the use of a strengths-based approach to presenting facts around drug use. For example, while 2.4% of 12 – 17 year olds have tried amphetamines, the focus should shift to the 97.6 % of students who have never tried them - showing that the vast majority of Australian secondary school students have never used illicit drugs.

Paul has an extensive career in drug and alcohol education.

Back in 2000, in the lead up to the Olympics, Paul worked with the Australian Institute of Sport to develop training programs on the importance of responsible partying for the coaches. Since then he has worked with a number of sporting organisations including the Australian Cricketers’ Association, the Rugby Union Players’ Association and Football Federation Australia.

Paul has been a project officer for the Speedwise Speedsafe campaign, the Stay in Control campaign and has written an instruction manual for the NSW police force on alcohol and violence.

He is also regarded as a key social commentator having appeared on programs such as Sunrise, Today and The Project.

To find out more about Paul’s strategies, click here.

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