Colour for Catholic Mission at St Joseph’s Taree

For their Mission Day last year, St Joseph’s Primary School, Taree made the courageous decision to bus the entire school out to Old Bar Beach.

It was a walkathon-style event where students were encouraged to get sponsorship from their friends and family to do laps of sand-walking along the beach.

While the students were walking or running up and down the beach, teachers joyfully threw loads of colour on those participating and each other.

It was always planned to be a whole school community event where families could enter teams and community members could take part. The importance of connection with the community can be very undervalued. The technology era we now find ourselves in can often dehumanise parts of our world which limits human interaction.

This walkathon did so much more than raise money; it brought the school community together to enjoy each other’s company, talk to one another and remind each other of the importance of togetherness. 

Who knew you could have fun, learn and raise money for those less fortunate all at the same time.

Talk about support! The school community was able to raise a total of $3,500.

The money has been distributed to several organisations and people including Catholic Mission, the local St Vincent De Paul, SIM’s (Schools, Immersion, Mission) Cambodia, to a young student named Flynn Small and to a young mother who is closely connected to our school who has terminal brain cancer. She has come home to spend what could be her last Christmas with her family. The difference just a small amount of money will make to these organisations and people is massive.

St Joseph’s Taree – you did it again! Your kind and generous hearts makes Jesus real for so many.

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Natasha Brotherton Image
Natasha Brotherton

Natasha Brotherton is Diocesan Education Officer, Pastoral Ministries