St Peter’s Stockton’s musical advocates

The students of St Peter’s Primary School, Stockton, are creating conversation about environmental issues with their production, Save Stockton Beach: The Musical.

With four performances over two days, the biennial musical is helping to raise awareness about the coastal erosion problem at Stockton Beach.

Written by Anna Kerrigan with the help of the school’s Year 6 class, the story follows a local family who are concerned about Stockton’s erosion and band together with a lifeguard, teacher, IGA manager and the local crazy cat lady to convince the government representatives to build an artificial reef.

With appearances from a talking seal, Bruce the Shark and some mesmerising jellyfish, audiences were singing along to a number of hit songs including RiptideUnder the SeaFight, RESPECT and A Million Dreams

The production is an example of how even the smallest voices have a powerful role to play in issues that affect local communities.

Residents of Stockton have been calling on the government to direct extra resources at the erosion problem on Stockton beach.

The ‘Save Stockton Beach’ petition was signed by over 10,000 people and will now be debated in state parliament.

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