Rock N Roll at St Patrick’s Cessnock

Rainy weather didn’t deter St Patrick's Primary School, Cessnock from holding a Rock ‘N Roll Revival Night for their annual end of year concert.

The kindergarten students were the first to entertain the parents and visitors with a rendition of Rock Around the Clock. Their performance was welcomed with great anticipation and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

The other year groups also performed a number of classics including, The Twist (Year 1), Old Time Rock and Roll (Year 2), Jailhouse Rock (Year 3), Footloose (Year 4), Happy Days (Year 5) and Grease Lightning (Year 6).

It was a wonderful audience experience as they watched the different classes coming on stage to ‘strut their stuff’ in colourful costumes that were very reminiscent of the 1950s.

After all the performances, there was a free for all with a disco which saw many parents getting up to dance with their children.

The night was also an opportunity for Year 6 to raise money to put towards their end of year gift to the school. A cake stall, lolly-guessing competition, a drink stand selling spiders and a hair-colouring stall were set up to help raise funds.

A lot of work was put into the evening and a special thank you goes St Patrick’s Year 1 teacher, Mrs Coxon for the choreography and the rehearsals. Patience is certainly a key factor in preparing for such an event!

A big thank you also to Mrs Tara Naysmith, Mr Peter Cox and the Year 5 students for helping to set up the venue and to all the staff whose contributions that helped make the night a wonderful success. 

Well done to the students and parents for putting in the effort to set the scene.