Aberdeen’s annual Windale visit

As part of their Year 12 Leadership Retreat, Year 11 students from St Joseph’s High School, Aberdeen visited St Pius X Primary School, Windale.

A long-standing tradition that has always been an integral part of the Year 12 Retreat, meeting with each other is something on which both schools place great value as it gives students the chance to make great connections with one another.

Students are “buddied up” and spend the morning getting to know one another and having a great time together with some quiet time reading and activities in the classroom. The smiles and laughter (as well as the constant activity) was a fabulous sign of the success of the visit.

As part of their visit, the students made ‘hands of friendship’ which were put in Windale’s friendship garden to conclude the visit.

Students enjoyed a sausage sizzle lunch followed by fun activities in the playground including, Duck, Duck Goose, a touch footy game, tip and play time in the sandpit and kitchen area.

As the visit came to an end, St Pius students formed a guard of honour to farewell the St Joseph’s students who then headed off to the Central Coast for their Retreat.

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