Inspired by ASPIRE

Kylie Snowden knew St Paul’s Catholic College, Booragul, was the right choice for her son, Jordan, thanks to the ASPIRE program.

As a singer, songwriter and guitarist, the multi-talented Jordan Snowden is a long-time ASPIRE student and a definite star in the making.

Since being involved in ASPIRE, Jordan’s talents have continued to grow and flourish thanks to the guidance of knowledgeable teachers and the support of his peers.

“The whole ASPIRE experience is inclusive for all,” said Kylie.

“They break into their ensemble groups and become a little team. They support and help each other and have great guidance and support from all teachers and staff involved.

“The program allows children to explore and follow their passions and opens so many doors.”

Along with weekly music lessons, Jordan also receives weekly guidance from his ASPIRE teachers, who offer him knowledge and challenges that push his skills beyond his regular lessons.

“Jordan’s guitar playing has improved so much and there was a big jump in progress from the first year he attended.

“He has gained so much confidence in his abilities, his song writing has matured, he has grown professionally as a musician and he now has regular gigs as a singer/guitarist.

“He has also been able to perform at the Civic Theatre in front of a variety of audiences which he really enjoys.”

An annual entrant in the ASPIRE song writing competition, Jordan has been a finalist each year. After entering this year’s competition, Jordan had the opportunity to have his song ‘Locked Down’ recorded and become part of an EP ASPIRE is compiling to sell at this year’s shows. The song deals with the teenage struggles of friendships, social pressures and conflict between thoughts and emotions.

Beginning guitar lessons in Year 1, Jordan soon lost interest after he was only taught  to play nursery rhymes.

However, when he moved to St John Vianney Primary School, Morisset, Jordan was inspired by his teachers, Mr Greg Crowe and Mr Joe Hamilton, to take up the instrument again.

Quickly resuming lessons, it wasn’t long before Jordan was performing and he hasn’t looked back since.

Enrolling Jordan at St Paul’s to enable him to participate in ASPIRE has led to the development of  his creative skills while also allowing him to form life-long friendships.

“He has made some really good friendships and been able to grow socially with others who have similar interests.”

A commitment that requires support from the whole family, Kylie is constantly keeping up with weekly rehearsals, production weeks and holiday schedules, but knows it’s all worth it.

“Although ASPIRE requires a big commitment, it is so worth it when you see your child’s skills improve and you watch him grow and thrive.”

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