St Joseph’s East Maitland remembers their Patron Saint

St Joseph’s Primary School, East Maitland, celebrated St Joseph’s Day with a school community liturgy last Monday.

Welcoming parents and grandparents, members of the school came together for a special celebration of the Feast Day of their Patron Saint, St Joseph.

While not much is known about St Joseph from scripture, the few references describe him as a quiet, humble, dauntless, loving and faith-filled man. He showed his love and trust for God and demonstrated great courage and strength to do the job God gave him.

During the liturgy, Year 5 students re-enacted the defining moments from the life of St Joseph and highlighted his special qualities.

Student’s acted out Joseph’s dream and the moment the angel of the Lord told him that Mary would have a child who would be the Son of God. The students depicted Joseph and Mary travelling to Bethlehem in preparation for Mary to have her baby and the moment they arrived in Bethlehem and Mary gave birth to Jesus.

Finally, the students recalled Joseph the carpenter helping Jesus to grow up to be a strong, loving and caring person.

With tabloid activities cancelled due to the heat, students spent the afternoon in their classrooms engaging in a range of fun activities including playing rounds of Kahoots and participating in indoor team building games.

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