Kailani Craine, Former St Francis Xavier's College student, makes Olympics debut

In a stunning display of artistry and showmanship, Kailani Craine made a triumphant Olympic debut as she took to the ice to perform her signature routine ‘dream a little dream of me’.

“That was great, that really was a dream,” Kailani cheered after competing in the Ladies Figure Skating short program.

Dreams really do come true

Kailani has been making a name for herself as the ‘one to watch’ in this year’s Winter Olympic Games which are well underway in PyeongChang, South Korea. Her artistic presentation has made her a fan-favourite out on the ice.

Performing in the short program, Kailani wowed judges and soared through the free skate competition with a score of 56.77 which qualifies her for the upcoming Free Skate competition.

“My main goal was just to have a clean skate and get through to the free skate and I’ve done that so I can’t ask for much more.”

The exuberant Newcastle-native, and recent graduate of St Francis Xavier’s College, Hamilton, glided through the short program with a breathtaking routine which included a tricky double axel and triple-jump combination. Heading into the second-half of her routine, Kailani had the crowd on their feet and cheering.

“I’ve been feeling good the last few days and it felt like everything just went right for me, so I’m glad I was able to go out and do that.” Kailani said.

Kailani Craine competes in PyeongChang 2018

As Kailani took to the ice, she was supported in the stands by fans, her fellow Team Australia teammates, and, most importantly, her parents.

“Having mum and dad here was amazing. I really felt like they were out there skating with me.

“They’ve been on this journey with me from the very start and this is very much their Olympics as much as mine.”

Kailani will take to the ice again on Friday for the Ladies Figure Skating free skate.

Watch Kailani perform: