The Kindergarten students of St Patrick’s Primary School, Wallsend, were greeted enthusiastically by their new, gregarious principal, Mr Daniel Ariel who welcomed newcomers with a hand-shake or a high five.

After parents had taken their final photographs and said goodbye to their children, the Year 6 buddies stepped up to take on their role as carers of their new little friends.

Tears and sadness were noticeably absent in the classrooms as the new students busily grabbed at the toys, blocks and books in their new environment. The atmosphere was one of fun and excitement for the Kindergarten students and their Year 6 buddies alike.

Principal Mr Daniel Ariel said, he was delighted to see Kindergarten students make such an enthusiastic to start to the year. He also said he was truly grateful for the hard work and preparation his staff has put together to begin the school year.

“St Patrick's is a collaborative school where the staff and students always put learning first because we have high expectations of and belief in the ability of all children to learn.

“It’s been a great two weeks, the staff are really on board and I’m really excited our Kindergarten students are starting their journey with us at St Patrick’s today,” he said.

With the support of the staff and of their Year 6 buddies, the Kindergarten students will no doubt have a smooth and educationally enriching experience ahead of them.