St Paul's students participate in Rock and Water program

Last week, Year 5 students from St Paul’s Primary School, Gateshead, prepared for their leadership roles in 2018 by attending a two-day program of Rock ‘n’ Water training at Redhead Surf Club.

The program uses physical exercises, which are constantly linked with mental and social skills. Students learn to stand stronger in many ways.

They learn to identify their limitations and possibilities, to communicate more effectively, to feel, set and defend their own boundaries and to respect others' boundaries too.

The program leads from simple self-defense, boundary and communication exercises to a strong notion of self-confidence. It teaches students to use their power in a more effective way and shows them how to deal with different kinds of conflict.

The course has its origins in basic self-defense. The emphasis is on simple, harmless wrestling forms such as the tai-chi exercise of "pushing-hands".

Physical contact exercises are linked with other forms of communication in order to improve communication abilities. This physical approach encourages discipline and perseverance in the children and teaches them how to deal with conflicts without losing self-control.

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Gabrielle Sutherland

Gabrielle Sutherland is a Marketing & Communications Officer for the Catholic Schools Office and a regular contributor to and Aurora.