St Joseph’s Cattle Show Team in full swing

The Cattle Show Team from St Joseph’s Primary School, Denman, are off to Scone next week to compete in the annual Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza. 

St Joseph's is committed to providing its students with quality education, positive education and real education, both inside and outside of the classroom. As part of this, the school is continuing to develop the tradition of its Cattle Show Team.

Since 2015, St Joseph's have provided ‘real’ education in cattle handling for its primary students and the team is growing, in more ways than one.

This year there are 20 students involved in the Cattle Show Team, with the students caring for three animals.

The Team is open to students in Year 4 and above who show an interest in learning about how to prepare a steer for show, which includes feeding, leading and caring for the animal.

This is a tremendous opportunity for the students and it is done with the organisation of myself as well as other family members and local businesses.

We have been fortunate to have Abby Meyer teach the children the ins and outs of cattle leading and preparation. We would not have been able to do this without our sponsors as well.

The school is the only Catholic primary school in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle to have their own cattle that are prepared on the school site, which allows for the students to develop ‘real’ skills whilst outside of the classroom.

This year the school will be preparing two steers for the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza, which will be held in Scone during October. Garry, the Charbray steer (Charolais x Braham) was generously donated to the team by Godolphin. The other steer is a pure bred Angus, named Bullseye, who, along with 1 tonne of feed, is given to the school as part of the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza – School Steer Challenge. This package is donated by Waverly Station and Alexander Downs Feedmill.

St Joseph’s is proud of continuing this ‘real’ education and we know this will continue because the school’s heifer, Betty, is currently pregnant with the program’s first offspring. This highlights the school’s commitment to educating the whole child, for years to come.

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Aaron Moon

Aaron Moon is the Principal of St James' Primary School, Muswellbrook.