St Kevin’s celebrates 100 years of Catholic education

On Thursday, 3 August, Bishop Bill, former students, past principals, teachers, students and special guests came together to celebrate 100 years of Catholic education at St Kevin’s Primary School, Cardiff.

The morning saw the St Kevin’s community gather for a Centenary Mass with Bishop Bill, followed by a delicious morning tea of cupcakes and homemade scones and a school photo.

Family members were invited to wander through open classrooms where students showcased their latest projects in class.

After a barbecue lunch, the students enjoyed playing old fashioned tabloid games such as knuckles, quoits, French cricket, marbles, cats-cradle, red rover and hopscotch.

During the afternoon, the gathering witnessed the establishment of a time capsule to be opened in 25 years. The capsule contains photos of current classes and staff, thumb trees of all classes and Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and national flags.

An Aboriginal blessing ceremony concluded the events of the day, where an Indigenous parent performed a smoking ceremony with traditional music. Students participated in singing ‘Our Father’ as the time capsule was sealed.

Catholic education began in Cardiff during World War I, engaging the entire community to ensure its continuation. The school burnt down in the early 1940s and was rebuilt again during World War II.

Local parishioners donated land and building products, time and manpower to ensure that Catholic education had a place in Cardiff for years to come.

“St Kevin’s is a vibrant Catholic community that believes in and supports Catholic education. It is a true reflection of what an active, faith-filled community can achieve despite various obstacles, and that is what we reflect and want to celebrate today,” said principal Mary-anne Jennings.

“It was a momentous occasion to celebrate with our local community and acknowledge the importance and relevance of Catholic education in Cardiff.

“The education of our children is paramount at St Kevin’s and we as a whole community truly reflect and ensure that Jesus Christ is in all that we do.”

Former students, past teachers and support staff, parents and those with an interest in the school are encouraged to attend the St Kevin’s Centenary Fete on Saturday 9 September.

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Gabrielle Sutherland

Gabrielle Sutherland is a Marketing & Communications Officer for the Catholic Schools Office and a regular contributor to and Aurora.