GALLERY: St Patrick's Swansea Kindys start 'big school'

On Wednesday February 3, a happy group of kindergarten students started their very first day of big school at St Patrick’s Primary School, Swansea.

With only a few tears shed at the start, most of the students looked like they had been at the school for years as they happily played with their ‘buddies’, who were students selected from older grades to help show them around their school and classroom and ease them in to ‘big school’ life.

Whilst the new students happily played dress-ups, read books and became familiar with their new surroundings, the parents and carers of the kindergarten class were invited to a special morning tea with Principal Peter Green in the beautiful lake-side grounds of the school. Given the parents will share a special bond as their children go through primary school together, the morning tea was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get to know one another and be comforted by the knowledge that their kids were settling in just fine in the classroom next door. 

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Emma Blackford

Emma Blackford worked for the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle from 2009-2017. During this time, Emma held the positions of Communications Manager for the Catholic Schools Office, Communications Manager for the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle and Marketing and Communications Manager for CatholicCare Hunter-Manning.