St Pius X student strums her way to Nashville

Year 9 student, Lil Crane of St Pius X High School, Adamstown, won the 2016 Rising Talent Competition in Brisbane last weekend and is now on her way to Nashville.

It is hard to believe sitting opposite Lil that this very relaxed and humble young woman has just been named one of the top up-and-coming Country Music Artists in Australia.

Having just won a ticket to Nashville, Lil is seemingly relaxed and incredibly easy going about the entire experience.

“Nashville is where Taylor Swift was discovered,” exclaims Lil, joking that this is the main reason she has dreamed of heading to Nashville since she was nine.

The once Swift fan confesses that she is less of a fan of the artist’s now mainstream pop style and prefers to name her influences as artists Grace Pitts and JP Cooper.

It was the popular song, ‘You are my sunshine’, however, that started Lil on her musical path. Lil recalls fond memories of her four-year-old self singing it with her grandmother.

Five years later at age nine, Lil began guitar lessons with her best mate and two years later performed in front of her first audience.

“It’s the performance rush, the audience, the applause and the opportunity to tell stories through my music that I love,” says Lil.

“It is just so fun.”

Having been part of the diocesan performing arts showcase, ASPIRE for the past three years, Lil says that Aspire is her favourite part of her school year.

When asked what the plans are for Nashville, Lil explains that she plans to write a few originals before heading over to the country music capital of the world at the end of Term 1, 2017.

“I would be happy for a gig in a restaurant and to attend workshops at the Country Music Academy; I basically just want to make as many opportunities as I can,” says Lil.

It is very refreshing to sit opposite Lil as an extremely talented performer. Lil has no ego and confesses between great giggles that she “doesn’t even know what genre she is in”.

Something tells me that Lil is in a genre of her own and that it would be impossible to label this very grounded artist.

We laugh that having achieved her dream at the ripe old age of 14 that her new dream must be to headline a world tour.

Nashville is waiting.

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