Synod Update: Now seeking 'Interested People'

Expression of interest is now open for “Interested People” to attend the second session of Synod. Interested People may be people who wish to be invited because of their interest in the Catholic Church and the work of the synod and/or who are unable to be Synod Members or Synod Participants.

An Interested Person may be present at the Synod Session Two on 22 May. They will have neither voice nor voting rights at the Synod.

The Synod will be held as a Multi-Modal Model. There will be six locations:

  • Central Hub – Victor Peters Suite and Diocesan Rooms
  • Hub 1 – San Clemente High School, Mayfield
  • Hub 2 – St Pauls High School, Booragul
  • Hub 3 – All Saints College/St Mary’s, Maitland
  • Hub 4 – St Joseph’s High School,  Aberdeen
  • Hub 5 – St Clare’s High School, Taree

If you are interested in attending Synod Session Two on 22nd May please complete an Expression of Interest Form to be allocated to a Synod Hub.

Please note: Synod Members, Synod Participants, or Synod delegates do not have to complete this form.

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Alyson Segrott

Alyson Segrott is the Professional Officer - Pastoral Support Unit in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle