LITURGY MATTERS: 2021 a liturgical bridge from 2020

We will continue to live with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 and the immediacy of not knowing and constant change. Therefore, the Diocesan Liturgy Council (DLC) imagines our liturgical life in 2021 as a bridge, spaning the distance between 2020 and the hopes and dreams we may have for 2022.

What sort of bridge are you imagining? The image accompanying this article portrays a bridge that is a bit rustic. The wood looks like it comes from the surrounding trees. It looks a bit wobbly, as if it may need some patching and maintenance as the weeks and months pass. It is strewn with debris, yet it looks inviting. I can imagine myself standing on this side wanting to walk across this bridge, not only to get to the other side, but to experience the journey across the bridge.

In considering 2021 as a bridging time, the DLC offers some Pastoral Reflections and Guidance to parishes, schools, and all groups, to support you and your community to shape your liturgical celebrations.

This resource needs to be read in association with the document prepared and constantly updated by Fr. Andrew Doohan: COVID-19 Pandemic Event Advice, Guidance and Instructions to Parishes Version ‘11a’ was published yesterday, 7 December, 2020.

Advent is excellent preparation for our journey onto the liturgical bridge of 2021.

As we continue to be alert to pondering all that God is revealing to us in this pandemic event …

And as we are filled with hope at the vision of God’s promise for a world where there is no hurt or harm because the land is filled with the knowledge of the Lord …

What is energising and exciting you?

What is the liturgical change you want to see?


Image: Peter H from Pixabay 

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Louise Gannon rsj is the Diocesan Manager of Worship and Prayer.