You’ve gotta have Faith


  1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something
  2. A strong belief in the doctrine of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof
  3. The name of a No. 1 album and song released by George Michael in 1987.

Although I love George Michael’s hit song, ‘Faith’, it doesn’t exactly capture the true meaning, for me. For me, faith means to have an inner and unshakable conviction which needs no tangible evidence to sustain it.

I have traversed the planet for the past 40 years operating inside my own little bubble of unwavering faith. Experiencing the ups and downs of life but with a bonus. My faith.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have spent many hours praying and talking to God. As I matured, I spent much of my spare time reading the Bible, delving into scripture, listening to theologists from around the world unpack the scripture and watching in awe as God worked wonders and miracles in my life and the lives of those around me. Through these experiences, my ability to empathise with and display real joy, love, compassion and forgiveness has evolved. I know that this empathy is only possible because of the ever-evolving and deepening relationship I have with Jesus.

My life journey has been a true roller coaster ride. I’ve travelled off road in an explosive manner and at times felt, if there was anyone Jesus would shake his head at, it would be me. If he decided to leave that one sheep, I would totally understand if I was that sheep. Every day I thank God for his enduring love and constant mercy. Not once did he turn his back on me, just as he promised. He just quietly and lovingly picked me up, put my feet back on stable ground and gave me the provisions and opportunities to begin again. Reiterating his trust in my ability to carry out my mission. A mission to bring Jesus into the 21st Century ensuring his message of love does not get lost in translation.

I am currently working as a faith educator in pastoral ministries and as such have an inherent desire to make faith accessible to all demographics. Inclusivity for all people when sharing God’s message is paramount in today’s complex world.

I am passionate about quality faith education and enjoy creating and implementing techniques which effectively impart this age-old wisdom to a contemporary audience. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my faith with others, who like me are fallible, relying on God’s forgiveness and eternal love to keep us on track. 

It is my devotion to God and his unwavering devotion to me, that has enabled me to overcome huge obstacles and to encounter breath-taking moments of pure joy and delight.

My faith story so far has led me to believe that everybody (even those who say they don’t) has some level of faith. As George Michael so famously put it: ‘You’ve gotta have faith’.

Faith allows us to bravely move forward each day, trusting that God is with us, every step of the way.

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Natasha Brotherton

Natasha Brotherton is Diocesan Education Officer, Pastoral Ministries