Reflections of faith from a mother’s perspective

Summer slowly turns into Winter every year, and although I know what to expect it always takes me a moment to adjust my life accordingly. 

Seasons of life are very much the same. Growing up, I had envisioned a life where I was going to be a flight attendant, travel the world and that I was one day going to marry and start a family. Upon reflection, it is amazing how accurate my 10-year-old self predicted my life to turn out to be. The one flaw though, is that she never thought about what happens after marriage and children.

Being thrown into the deep end is an understatement but this is where I learnt to swim in my Faith. Motherhood in the beginning is very lonely, I lost friends before I made any new friends. We were different now, they were different, I was different and that was okay. God sends us people when we need them but sometimes, we naturally grow apart through the course of life. This was a big lesson to learn but what a lesson taught. Forgive, love and pray for them. Always.

I began to see the Blessed Mother in a new light. For once in my life, I realised everything I am going through, my Heavenly Mother has experienced plus so much more. She is the woman, wife and mother I aspire to be. How could there be a better example on earth for me to follow. I base a lot of my parenting on how I imagined her to care for Jesus and my marriage, on how I imagined her in being a spouse to Saint Joseph. This is a constant reminder that when I am tested, to be gentle, patient and kind. There is no question that I need this reminder constantly.

Becoming a wife and mother transformed my life in more ways than I could imagine. This new season that I was unprepared for, this untouched territory that no one warned me about somehow brought me to the Holy Family, to the Blessed Mother and she in-turn brought me back to her son, Jesus Christ.

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Natalee Bonomini

Natalee Bonomini is a Newcastle writer.