Spider Danger

In the Moane Room we have been extremely interested in spiders this past week − especially which are venomous and which are friendly spiders.

On Thursday, Oscar and his Dad caught a Huntsman spider in their backyard and brought it in for everyone to see. “Is that one venomous?” asked Charlotte as she watched it walk around in its container. “No, it’s not; my Dad told me Huntsmen are friendly spiders.” “Why are two of its legs not working?” wondered Lyllah. “Maybe they are broken,” Evelyn replied. “I’m going to look for spiders in my backyard!” said Elijah.

On Friday Lauren brought in a Saint Andrews Cross spider she found in her backyard. ”Wow, it’s so pretty,” Payton said. “Is this one a mean spider?” Addison asked Karina. “Well, how about we watch a video on it?” Karina suggested. As the children sat down and watched the video explaining all about the spider, Payton said, “So it’s a friendly spider that can’t hurt me!”

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Karina Burgess Image
Karina Burgess

Karina is an Early Childhood Educator at St Nicholas Early Education in Newcastle West. 

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