Gardening at St Nick's

In the Moane room we’ve been busy tending to our garden and making some improvements by adding planter boxes and planting seedlings and herbs.

“Wow, look at the plants growing!” Patrick said as he walked over to the herbs to explore. “What’s that?” he asked. “I think it’s basil,” Karen replied. “Let me try,” Pat said as he picked a small piece of basil to taste. “Yep, that’s basil,” Pat said.

Patrick then walked over to the parsley. “Let me try this one,” he said, picking some parsley and tasting it. “That’s yummy!” he said.

Taytum and Patrick have been spending their mornings watering the plants while Addison and Evelyn have patiently waited for the strawberries to become ripe. “Karina! The strawberries are ready to eat!” Evelyn yelled out with excitement. ‘Can we taste one each?’ asks Addison. “Of course you can,” Karina replied. As the girls chewed the strawberries their faces lit up with excitement. “Yummy!” Addison said. 

As Aristotle said, “Through attending to nature we are more likely to live a life of virtue.”


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Karina Burgess Image
Karina Burgess

Karina is an Early Childhood Educator at St Nicholas Early Education in Newcastle West. 

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