Our water snail!

We are very excited to have a new member of the Creative Cubs Room – our very own water snail!

As a continuation of our interests in animal life cycles, one of our educators, Madison, very kindly brought in a water snail and water snail eggs for us to observe. We have been very interested in looking after the water snail by keeping the tank clean and feeding the snail special snail pellets. Each day we have been excited to check in with the water snail – to watch its movements throughout the tank and how it is growing at a very slow pace.

Our greatest excitement came when we noticed that the snail eggs had moved from the piece of cardboard where they had been laid and onto the side of the tank. These tiny, tiny dark specs are very hard to see, but with the help of magnifying glasses and some very keen and observant eyes within the room, we are able to continue to track their progress. We wait in anticipation and wonder how many baby snails will successfully hatch under our watchful eyes.

It is through experiences such as these, that we are provided with the opportunity to become socially responsible and show respect for our environment – exploring relationships with living and non-living things and observing, noticing and responding to change.

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Madeline Ingold Image
Madeline Ingold

Madeline Ingold is an Assistant Director and Early Education Teacher at St Nicholas, Singleton.

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